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For food, there may be nothing special but most visitors come here to medan travel agency while hanging out casually. Actually this place is not a new place, but so many coffee places in Bandung we just got here. Dreezel has an attraction for people who like to hang out casually while drinking coffee and smoking. In addition to the bars attached to the coffee making area, this coffee shop does not have a building. Why is it always crowded? A coffee shop where the seating area has many choices, from sitting on medan lake toba tour package in the garden area while smoking. Besides coffee & non-coffee drinks, food is also available here.

Even though at first we were medan tour package for access to this coffee shop, we were delighted to be greeted by an old colonial building with all its antique furniture. Decorated with photographs of Bandung in the past, Antico truly brought visitors into the memories of ancient Bandung. Apart from coffee and good food, we also like antique cups. This name is not a new name, but until now it's still crowded. At a glance there is nothing glamorous about this coffee shop. But there is a special attraction from lake toba tour package which is located in an area that is popular with both domestic and foreign tourists.

Many visitors also use this place to work while opening their laptops because they are tight. If lake toba tour package usually gather in popular areas such as Dago, Jalan Progo, Jalan Riau, this time there is a good coffee shop in an unusual area. Located in an alley on one of the main streets of Bandung, which is often crowded on weekdays, Kopi Atim brings fresh air to people who like coffee. When visiting there, even though it hasn't opened too long, it seems that this place has been popular with visitors who are mostly from Jakarta. Or maybe because it was Sunday. Apart from medan tour package restaurant, it seems like another reason for this crowded place is the container boutique hotel on the top floor.

Or maybe because of medan lake toba tour package of the milk coffee? A bit of an international coffee chain style, this Wake Cup positions itself as a good coffee place for hanging out while waiting for a train with a very strategic location, right in front of the Bandung train station. But apparently the visitors here are not always related to the station because with a beautiful interior this place is also suitable for use by mothers hanging out after taking children to school. Located in an area that is not too popular with medan travel agency, Kopitera chose an old colonial-style house where they served their coffee concoction.

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