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Cause can not access and how to fix

2. There is more than one wifi transmitter nearby

When there is more than one wifi device inside the system, accessing page will be very error-prone. At this point you need to identify the access address so you can log in to the system. How to fix the error of not accessing

Once you know what the cause of the Home Gateway error is, it is best for the user to base on the specific circumstances to proceed. Detail: 1. When there is only one model

If there is only one wi-fi model in the housing area, cannot be accessed, please follow the following steps:

Step 1: Check the operation status of the device to know the product lines are still working properly. By the fact that when there is no network, users can still access the address and conduct normal checks.

Step 2: Directly connect the computer to the modem or wifi via the network cable attached to Lan port. At the same time, you need to remove the network wiring plugged in your device. This helps ensure the highest level of accuracy.

Step 3: Search for the address to access the Default Gateway on the back of the model or wifi transmitter. Because you should know that not all devices use the default number range

Step 4: If you cannot access the device according to the pre-printed address, you need to reset the model and then log in to the address as usual. Because it is possible that the device has been integrated with another IP range.

2. When there are multiple models

At companies, businesses or rooms, it is very common to use multiple modems in a network. In general, each modem will be equipped with a separate default number sequence. But network connected devices can only access the main address of

Based on this when a Home Gateway error occurs, you can apply one of two ways below: Way 1

Step 1: Use the Windows R function key to make the Run window appear. Next, enter the Open box "cmd" and press the Enter key.

Step 2: Continue to enter the words "ipconfig" into the empty box so that the list of items is displayed in detail. This time you need to find the Default Gateway section to identify the website you need to log in to.

If, after checking, you found the sequence number is the default address, it is likely that the login error still exists. Therefore, you need to continue to do one of the following:

Turn on the Router: Press the power button behind the Router to turn off the device and wait about 60 seconds to reopen it.

Activate the network card: Right-click the network connection icon and select "Open Network And Sharing Center" → Continue to choose Change Adapter Setting → Right-click the network card and select Enable to activate the system if you see the option Disable error message.

Update network driver: Use Windows R key combination to open the Run window → Enter the Open box "devmgmt.msc" and press Enter → Click the Adapters window to expand items and right-click and select "Update Driver Sotfware ”→ Select Search Automatically For Updated Driver Software → Wait a few seconds then do the same for the remaining network cards.

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